Reina Chaperon, PT, DPT, LSVT-BIG Earns Certification

From serving in the United States Air Force to graduating with her Doctor of Physical Therapy, Reina Chaperon has found her passion for educating people to get stronger and take care of themselves.

Today, Tidewater Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that Reina Chaperon, PT, DPT, LSVT-BIG, a physical therapist who works with patients at the Magruder clinic in Hampton, Virginia, is among an elite group which practices therapy using an innovative and specialized treatment for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, LSVT BIG™.

She is one of less than 100 clinicians across the state, and one of 1,600 worldwide, to earn this certification, according to LSVT Global.

Reina Chaperon

Reina Chaperon, PT, DPT, LSVT-BIG

A physical or occupational therapist administers the LSVT BIG treatment which is designed to improve whole body movement.

According to LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Treatments) Global, people with Parkinson’s disease undergoing LSVT BIG™ treatment have seen positive short-term effects. The treatment, which takes place four times per week for four weeks, specifically trains patients to increase “amplitude of limb and body movement (bigness) in people with Parkinson disease.”

Results showcase patients with improved gait and trunk rotation, and that help increase the speed of moving upper and lower limbs, balance, and quality of life.

“This protocol was developed specifically to address the unique movement impairments for people with Parkinson disease,” according to LSVT Global. It’s “both intensive and complex, with many repetitions of core movements used in daily living.”


A physical therapist at Tidewater Physical Therapy works with a patient suffering from Parkinson’s using the LSVT-BIG program

Chaperon grew up in New Mexico, Montana and North Dakota. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Air Force Academy in 2001. She spent five years as a Financial Officer, working as the Financial Services Flight Commander and Budget Analyst in the Air to Ground Wing at Eglin AFB.  She went on to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Florida in 2010. She spent two years at an outpatient clinic developing her manual skills and focusing on treatment of low back and neck pain.

“My Grandmother had advanced Parkinson’s disease, and I wish there had been more that I could have done to help her regain some function,” Chaperon said. That experience has given me the heart to help Parkinson’s patients regain their life and teach them ways to fight the progression of Parkinson’s disease.”

Tidewater Physical Therapy, established in 1986, has long supported the lifelong learning efforts of its staff, from completing additional collegiate-level education to hosting monthly in-services for its clinical staff, offering frequent continuing education courses in its clinics with nationwide leaders in physical therapy treatments.

“Adding the LSVT Big program to our clinic fills a need in our local community, “ said Mike McFarland, PT, DPT, CMTPT, Clinical Director of the Magruder clinic. “We are excited about improving the quality of life for local people living with Parkinson’s disease.

The therapists at Tidewater Physical Therapy hold Direct Access Certification through the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy. Reina holds Direct Access Certification and is available to evaluate and treat patients without a prescription from a physician.



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LSVT Global, Inc. pioneered the Lee Silverman Voice Treatments (LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™), innovative and clinically-proven methods for improving communication and movement in individuals with Parkinson disease with application to other neurological conditions.

LSVT Global trains speech-language clinicians worldwide in a research-based, proprietary speech therapy approach developed by its founders. To date, over 9,200 speech-language clinicians in 54 countries have been trained and certified in LSVT LOUD.  In turn, these clinicians have treated over 30,000 patients. Most recently, LSVT Global has begun to train physical and occupational therapists on a derivative of the speech treatment that is directed at improving the whole body movements of individuals with Parkinson disease. To date, we have over 1,600 physical and occupational therapists in 16 countries trained and certified in LSVT BIG.