PTA Profile: William Rhodes
William Rhodes PTA

William Rhodes PTA

William Rhodes believes there are no stumbling blocks in life, only stepping stones in disguise. This principle is instrumental in the work he does with stroke, neurological and Parkinson’s patients. As a PTA at Tidewater’s Laburnum clinic, William specializes in stroke and concussion rehabilitation.

William is also a believer in exercise therapy. He received his undergraduate degree in exercise science from Ferrum College, and graduated from ECPI in April 2014.  Prior to joining Tidewater, he worked as a personal trainer at the YMCA. He still volunteers there, helping special needs athletes play basketball.

“I believe in using a combination of manual therapy and functional exercises to return patients to their prior level of activity,” he says. “I believe in creating exercise programs specific to each patient’s needs, which are creative enough to keep therapy interesting.”

As a passionate athlete, he says he’s played just about every sport but soccer is his favorite. He played through college, and continues to play on adult recreational teams.