PTA PROFILE: Rebecca Scheeley, PTA

Rebecca Scheeley, PTA, originally from Virginia Beach, earned her Bachelors degree in Communications from Virginia Wesleyan College and Associates of Science for Physical Therapy Assistant at Tidewater Community College.

Rebecca Scheeley, PTA

Rebecca Scheeley, PTA

“I became a Physical Therapy Assistant because I really enjoyed going to physical therapy when I had a dislocated patella. I knew that I could do that job every day and never feel like I didn’t want to go to work,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca enjoys treating patients who take pleasure in being educated about their injury and want to do whatever they can to get better. Her treatment philosophy is to “treat the patient not the diagnosis”.

She says, “The strongest patient I ever had was an above the knee amputee who got run over by a train. He was hard working, positive, and I had to constantly find new ways to challenge him.”

Outside of the clinic you can find Rebecca at the beach, snuggling with her dog, doing Pilates, or trying out new restaurants in town.