PTA Profile: Mary Etters

FRANKLIN_WEB_MaryEvelynEtters_110x110Patience and empathy are Mary Etters’ guiding tenets in her patient interactions.

“Put yourself in your patients’ shoes to remember, they are seeing you for help,” she says. “Usually they are in pain, or anticipate pain is coming. Stay open minded and be a good listener.”

As a physical therapy assistant at Tidewater Physical Therapy’s Franklin clinic, Etters employs these philosophies every day. Since joining Tidewater, she has honed a deeper knowledge for treating vertigo patients and orthopedics. Prior to her career as a PTA, she was a certified nursing assistant providing home healthcare for 4 years. Etters pursued this profession to help people in recovery and to guide patients to the realization that they can do things they did not think possible. Giving patients the tools to reach independence, she says, is priceless.

After work, she spends time with her family, enjoying the outdoors and relishing every memorable moment with her two children.