PTA Profile: Giovanni Weber, PTA

Giovanni Weber, PTA chose his profession after working as an automotive technician for 20 years took a toll on his body. He had a Functional Movement Screen and was given an

Giovanni Weber, PTA

Giovanni Weber, PTA

exercise program that consisted mostly of mobility exercises to help increase range of motion and increase core stability.

Giovanni is a graduate of Tidewater Community College with an Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assisting degree. He believes in treating patients as a whole. “I believe that we should improve our patients beyond their prior level of function in order to have the best carry over”, he says. He enjoys treating all patients, but has a special interest in working with patients that have faulty movement patterns. He once treated a Post-Polio patient during a clinical rotation in Home Health. Giovanni was able to simply adjust his crutches on the first visit, which resulted in an immediate impact on his quality of life.

When he’s not in the First Colonial clinic, you can find him working out. He has trained with Russian Kettlebells for about 5 years and was previously a certified instructor. He also loves cross-fit and Olympic Lifting.