PTA PROFILE: Alyssa Brinkley, PTA

Alyssa Brinkley, PTA, is a native of Suffolk, Virginia She earned her Physical Therapist Assistant Degree from Tidewater Community College in 2014. She is currently attending ODU to

Alyssa Brinkley, PTA

Alyssa Brinkley, PTA

earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and eventually pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy Degree. Having grown up playing sports, like softball and field hockey in high school, Alyssa had a passion for health and wellness. Although she was not introduced to the physical therapy field until she was out of high school, sports related injuries always held her curiosity.

Alyssa enjoys in treating all types of patients, especially when they are motivated to work hard. She thinks that educating patients is very important in helping them gain a deeper understanding of their diagnosis to allow for continued or maintained improvement, even after they are discharged from therapy. Alyssa understands that patients, and even therapists, go through challenges, and together with each day, they will get through them.

Outside of treating patients, Alyssa tries to get outdoors to enjoy nature and promote her physical wellness. She tries to attend church every Sunday, and loves spending time with her husband, family, and friends.