PTA PROFILE: Aaron Brizuela, PTA

Aaron Brizuela, PTA, originally from Killeen, Texas, chose his profession because he enjoys helping people get back to pain-free motion. He believes life is less fun when you have trouble moving. Aaron Brizuela, PTA 110x110

Aaron has a background in music with a master’s degree in trumpet performance and he can relate being a musician to being a physical therapist assistant: “As a clinician, my primary goals are heavily influenced by the time I spent training as a musician: Give patients the one-on-one treatment they need to decrease pain and/or return to the highest level of function possible.  It is important to continually educate so they can become their own therapist/trainer after they leave our clinic.”

Aaron received his Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy from Medical Careers Institute at ECPI University. He enjoys treating patients that want to be an active part of their treatment process.  Career goals include receiving advanced education in manual therapy and sports performance rehabilitation.

When Aaron is not in the West Point clinic, you can find him strength training in the gym. He also enjoys line dancing and going to concerts.