PT Profile: Spencer Combs, PT, DPT
Spencer Combs, PT, DPT

Spencer Combs, PT, DPT

Spencer Combs is committed to making physical therapy fun, while helping his patients meet their goals.

“I love the combination of personal interaction and science,” he says of his choice to become a Physical Therapist. “There aren’t many professions that let you help people in such a profound way, while still letting your scientific creativity run wild!”

He prides himself in his approach, getting to know each patient and bringing his passion for sports and exercise into his treatment plans. Spencer also loves treating patients who are motivated to get moving again, whether they’re a casual jogger, a training athlete or someone who simply wants to get around the house safely again.

Spencer’s zeal for helping others transcends the clinic. He works hard to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

“My mom gets the credit here,” he says. “She began a charitable event called 108 Sun Salutes in Lynchburg. It’s a great way to combine exercise and raise money for this special cause.”

In addition to his volunteer work, Spencer plays tennis, works out at the gym and hangs out at the local theater. As a movie lover, he soaks up flicks of all genres.

Many of Spencer’s patients have left their positive mark throughout his career, but one World War II and Korean War veteran stands out. Despite physical setbacks, the patient continued to lead a fulfilling life, helping at local food shelters and helping in his neighborhood.

“He is a hero in every way and I was honored to spend time with him.”

Spencer earned his bachelor’s degree from James Madison University in 2011, and graduated from PT school at Old Dominion University in 2014.