PT PROFILE: Richard Sieller, PT, CHT

Richard (Rick) Sieller PT, CHT

Rick Sieller, PT, CHT has been a dedicated upper extremity clinician with a focus on acquired hand injuries and conditions throughout his career. Rick began his career working at Yale

Rick Sieller, PT, CHT

Rick Sieller, PT, CHT

becoming a member of the hand, burn, trauma service. In 1990, Rick left the level trauma one center and relocated to Virginia Beach and established “Sentara Hand Therapy Center” leaving in 2012, returning to Yale, to work on an aortic aneurysm software project with one the world’s noted cardiac surgeon. Through this new Yale partnership, Rick is looking to improve the medical management of patients with this complex disease.

Rick also has 4 patents and both an entrepreneurial and humanitarian spirit. Initially volunteering with Physicians for Peace in 1994 and later establishing his own not for profit organization in 2005, The International Women and Children’s Burn foundation.  Rick has teamed with internationally recognized surgeons and established 8 burn clinics in 8 countries throughout the world.

Rick is an avid cyclist and enjoys riding from his new apartment in Ware Neck, Virginia.