PT PROFILE: Christian “Tyler” Johnson, PTA
Christian "Tyler" Johnson, PTA

Christian “Tyler” Johnson, PTA

Christian “Tyler” Johnson, PTA knows that actively listening to your patients holds the key to better outcomes. He says there is no better feeling than seeing someone push through a mental or physical barrier to complete an activity previously out of range.

Originally from Suffolk, Tyler earned his Associates of Applied Science from ECPI University and enjoys working with athletes with sports related injuries.

One patient’s story has touched him greatly. While working in home health, his patient was a gentleman with Alzheimer’s.

Every day Tyler greeted him with the same saying, “Hey, bud” and often received no response. Then one day before Tyler could say it, the gentleman surprised him and said it first. It showed him that he was making an impression and an impact on this man’s life even if he only recognized him once.

When he’s not in the clinic, he enjoys being at the beach, offshore fishing or generally anything that puts him near the ocean.