PT Profile – Britney Bostick

Britney Bostick, PT, DPT, became a physical therapist because she has a passion for helping people improve their quality of life by boosting their ability to function in the world.

“There is one very determined patient I’ll never forget,” she recalls. “I was working in a skilled nursing facility for one of my clinical rotations and I worked with a woman who had not been able to ambulate for the past year. I remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when she was able to ambulate 75 feet with her walker with only supervision and no other assistance.”

This patient experience illustrates the inspiration Britney feels in treating people with a deep drive to contribute to their own recovery. She says she truly enjoys the opportunity to work with patients who persevere to achieve their goals – a trait with which she can identify.

She follows the treatment philosophy of uncovering a root cause of pain, instead of merely treating symptoms. Her ultimate goal is to help the patient progress enough so that physical therapy is no longer necessary.

Originally from Middletown, Connecticut, Britney completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland at College Park in 2009, where she earned a degree in kinesiology. She went on to PT school at Hampton University, graduated in 2013 and joined Tidewater Physical Therapy in January that year. When she’s not in the clinic, she can be found sampling local Japanese and Indian cuisine or catching a movie with friends. Britney also believes everything happens for a reason, and she strives to see the learning opportunity in every experience.