On To The Next Big Personal Fitness Challenge

Stephanie Heinatz – Goal Setting

It felt good. Really good.

Not so much the time on the clock as I crossed the finish line after running the 13.1 miles in the Virginia Running Festival’s Half Marathon at Christopher Newport University. I had hoped to run the event about 10 minutes faster.

It wasn’t even the runner’s high, or pure endorphins pumping through me. Although, that felt great, too!

It was that feeling that I had just accomplished a goal I set out to reach. There is nothing like it – the feeling of personal accomplishment. The feeling of pride. The feeling that early morning runs, hill intervals and lots of sweat was truly worth it.

Earlier this summer I publicly proclaimed here on this Tidewater Physical Therapy Blog that I wanted to run my second half marathon. I needed a race to work toward and something to keep my training on track. I needed you to hold me accountable.

As a mother, wife and small business owner, I found myself putting myself last when it came to fitting in regular workouts and saw a few extra pounds arrive on the scale.

There were training runs I missed and others that were shortened due to the scheduling of life. But I still crossed the finish line. I still met the goal. And now I’m ready for the next challenge.

Smithfield Sprint Triathlon, here I come!

After my now 3-year-old son was born, I worked toward completing this event. Now I want to do it again! And I want to do it faster than a few years ago.

The genesis for this Blog series may have been to run this half marathon. But really it continues because leading a healthy and fit life is more than just one event.

So…I say again…Smithfield Sprint Triathlon, here I come! Join me! Register here.

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Stephanie Heinatz is a mother, wife, small business owner and running enthusiast who’s working to stay fit and healthy! LIVE LIFE STRONGER! She is the founder of Consociate Media, a local Marketing firm located in Gloucester, Virginia