No Prescription Needed

At Tidewater Physical Therapy we believe in access to physical therapy.  It is, after all, our passion.

From the day we opened the doors of our very first clinic in 1986, we have seen patients when they call.  It is our goal to work with every patient needing physical therapy within 24 hours of that call and most days we can get patients into the clinic same day.

When you hurt, you need help, you want to be seen, and we can provide that help.  Early mornings, later in the evenings, lunch breaks and even Saturdays.

It is a matter of pride for Tidewater and every clinician in all 34 clinics, from Richmond to Virginia Beach.

In the summer of 2015, the Commonwealth of Virginia agreed.  Happy senior couple in love.

Now, you can call any of our clinics to make an appointment. You can then be seen for 30 days of physical therapy without a prescription.

Worried about your insurance?  Don’t be.  When you call, our front office staff can answer all of your questions.

On your first visit, your physical therapist will work with you.  They will also work with your physician of record making sure you are receiving the best care available and status reports on your progress will be sent to your physician.

Where you receive physical therapy has always been your choice.  Now, when you receive it is your choice too.

More questions?

Direct Access by State: American Physical Therapy Association

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