Moving In New Ways

TIdewater Performance CenterWalking lunges. Squats. Burpees. Lateral shuffles. Mountain climbers.

After all that and more I was whooped. The sweat literally dripped off my nose. I had to walk circles to catch my breath.

The next morning? My armpits hurt. I walked down the stairs a little more gingerly. There may have been a little wince when my 3-year-old asked for a running piggyback ride through the house.

While I welcome delayed onset muscle soreness from workouts – to me it’s a sign that I’m growing and getting stronger – I felt grossly out of shape.

I’m proud of the fact that I could lace up my sneakers and head out for a five or six mile run any day. I’ve worked my way back up to that as part of my half marathon training.

But running is just that – running. You put one foot in front of the other. You move in one direction.

All these other exercises get your body moving in new ways, on new planes, in different directions.

A dear friend, the very one who led me through the series of exercises on a recent morning after a three mile run along Yorktown beach, and I have decided to do these additional performance exercises a couple times a week from here on out, in addition to our running.

The goal? Not only become stronger for the upcoming Virginia Running Festival’s Half Marathon at Christopher Newport University in Newport News on Nov. 10, but also become stronger overall.

I just have to get beyond this first round of my armpits hurting.

Stephanie Heinatz is a mother, wife, small business owner and running enthusiast who’s working to get back on her running game. Follow her training saga here as she gets ready for the Virginia Running Festival’s Half-Marathon at Christopher Newport University on Nov. 10, 2013. Stephanie is the founder of Consociate Media, a local marketing company in Gloucester, Virginia.