Gifts For Runners: From Socks to Watches

Garmin ConnectSocks are the perfect gift for a runner. Seriously? Yes, without a doubt. Ask anyone who runs: socks are perfect.

Andrea Lehmkuhler from Point 2 Running Company in Newport News says that “even though socks have long been considered the awkward gift, that is not the case with runners. Many of our customers consider socks the final, polished touch to their favorite fitting running shoes. Or their lucky charm for race day!”

Technical socks wick sweat away from your feet which allows your feet to stay dry and cool and prevent issues like blisters and hot spots. Socks designed for running will be more durable and have a more tailored, snug fit to prevent them from slipping.

Price for this perfect gift for a runner: $10-$15 depending on the manufacturer.

Want to spend a little more? Tired of hearing the runner in your life complain about sore muscles? Consider a foam roller, The Stick, or an Orb Massage Ball. These products are designed to help athletes work out muscle tightness and trigger points in the quads, hamstrings, and even low back. Lehmkuhler mentioned that these tools “may help prevent some of the more serious injuries that result from muscle tension when it is ignored.”

Using these products has become part of her own running routine and she feels like they help her recover more quickly and feel better overall.

Cost to experience a little relief on a regular basis: $20-$50. Manufacturers include Trigger Point, The Stick, and Pro-Tec Athletics

Finally, for that extra special runner who has really gotten into mileage, pace, training and race performance, consider splurging on a Garmin Forerunner. It’s like having a coach in your watch. The wrist computer has a color touch screen and offers, among other things, a race time predictor and VO2 max estimate. It measures distance and pace and some models record heart rate. The built in accelerometer means that you can track your indoor workouts without using a foot pod.  All data can be automatically uploaded to Garmin Connect.

Point 2 Running Company has these “watches” in the store. They will provide a great tool for analyzing and monitoring performance to help runners achieve their individual goals.

This big ticket item for the gift giver who wants to splurge: $250-$500 for the Garmin Forerunner 220 or 620, depends on accessories.

Point 2 Running Company is located in Newport News near Kiln Creek, close to the Regal Theater at I-64 and Victory.

Andrea Lehmkuhler is the General Manager at the store.  Andrea can introduce you to any of these products designed to enhance performance and training for runners.

Karen Kovacs is a Physical Therapist and Clinical Director at Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc., Gloucester Point Clinic.  She is Board Certified in Orthopedics (OCS). Kovacs is an avid runner and recently completed her first Half Iron Distance Triathlon.