Foam Rolling: Self Massage for Recovery

While there are many tools used for self-massage, foam rolling is one of the best options, according to Tidewater Physical Therapy clinicians and Tidewater Performance trainers.

Foam rollers come in different densities and durabilities.

Depending on how often you roll, these might not last quite as long as a higher density roller with a hard core.

The foam roller can generally be used on the floor with your bodyweight on top.

You should roll your body on top of specific tissues until you find a tight or tender spot. Isolate the area and roll or “iron” out the tightness.

The goal is to flush out the problem in order to help with muscle recovery. Don’t beat the area as it will only make the inflammation worse.

Need a demonstration? Check out this video to see foam rolling in action, courtesy of Tidewater Performance Center’s Personal and Sports Performance trainer Ruth Middleton.