Engaging the Community On The Benefits Of Physical Therapy and Performance Training

BeaGTidewater Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Gugliotti has joined its corporate team as the Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator for its clinics in the Virginia Peninsula Region (Hampton and Newport News) as well as the company’s Tidewater Performance Division, which includes Performance Centers in Newport News, Suffolk and Gloucester, Va.

“Tidewater Physical Therapy and Tidewater Performance are growing steadily,” said Paula Lumsden, the independent physical therapy company’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “Expanding our team to include Elizabeth allows us better interaction out in the community, directly with consumers, with physicians, and athletes.  Elizabeth will help us as we continue to deliver on our promise to give patients and clients access to clinicians and performance coaches when they need it.”

Gugliotti, originally from Connecticut, played collegiate level soccer while earning her undergraduate degree in Sports Management with a minor in Marketing from Old Dominion University.

“Playing soccer in college was by far one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. Although challenging, it has shaped where I am today and the road that I have taken. I continue to coach soccer and in my career I have stayed in the sports performance field,” said Gugliotti.

After graduation in 2005, she worked in the Tidewater area before returning to the northeast for nearly a decade.

Gugliotti worked for Brand Fuel, a promotional product firm, then accepted a position with Octagon, a large sports marketing company where she traveled the country representing BMW and Susan G. Komen.

Later, she settled in Boston where she worked for a sport performance center as an operations and marketing manager before making her way back to Hampton Roads to join the Tidewater Physical Therapy and Tidewater Performance’s team.

As a community outreach coordinator for Tidewater Physical Therapy, Gugliotti is focusing on building relationships in the community.

“It’s all about relationships, whether you are looking for a physical therapist or a personal trainer,” Gugliotti said. “You want to go to someone you can trust, someone you know is dedicated to excellence in the clinic and safety in the Performance Center. If I can help build those relationships, establish that trust, between Tidewater and the community, we will all come out stronger.”

While Gugliotti comes from a sports background, the most powerful message she’s working to get out into the community is that both physical therapists and personal trainers are out to help more than just athletes.

“On both sides, in the clinics and in the centers, we are working with people who want to be better in life – whether that’s on the field, at the job, in their house or on the weekends when they see their grandkids,” Gugliotti said. “Physical therapy and performance have long been part of a sports medicine continuum of care. But just because someone is not on the field doesn’t meant they don’t need to be a successful mom or grandfather.”

Tidewater Physical Therapy remains an independent practice owned by four physical therapists. Its more than 30 physical therapy clinics are located across Southeast and Central Virginia, from Virginia Beach to Richmond and all points in between. In 2011, it launched its Tidewater Performance Center with a location in Newport News. Certified and degreed personal trainers and performance coaches work with athletes (from pre-teens on select teams to professional athletes) and adults. By 2014, the division expanded to include three centers.

For more information about Tidewater Performance, visit www.tidewaterperform.com. For more information about Tidewater Physical Therapy and to find a clinic to make an appointment, visit www.tpti.com.