Core Strength Training Exercise: Bridge

Looking for a core strength building exercise that requires very little equipment and that you can do at home?

Tidewater Performance Center personal and sports performance trainers Cody Morris and William Blaber demonstrate how to strengthen your core with the bridge exercise.

The “core” refers to the muscles that lie deep within the torso. They include the pelvis, hip, abdominal and spine muscles. The muscles of the core hold the body stable and balanced during activity.

Physical therapists integrate core training in the treatment of many medical conditions including low back, hip and knee pain.

Low back or hip pain can sometimes be caused when the leg muscles pull on the pelvis or spine before the “core” muscles get a chance to stabilize the body.

Core training teaches you how to coordinate using those muscles so that your spine stays stabilized during daily tasks as well as sport-specific activities.

When your “core” is stabilized, you can move more efficiently and less stress is placed on the joints in the spine, hip, knee, and even ankle.