Common Questions Regarding Pelvic Floor Therapy
Brittany Deuso PT, DPT

Brittany Deuso PT, DPT

It is possible that your friend, neighbor, or physician has suggested Pelvic Floor Therapy to you in an effort to relieve incontinence.  Surprised? Wondering what just PT for your Pelvic Floor consists of?  Brittany Deuso, PT, DPT provides the answers.

What can you do for me/what do you treat?

A Pelvic Floor PT can treat any condition/disorder involving the abdomen and pelvic region. An external assessment of posture, core/hip/pelvic floor strength and stability are always completed, an internal assessment is also completed as long as the patient provides consent.

A Pelvic Floor PT can treat abdominal issues such as post surgical scarring, Diastasis Recti management, urinary disorders such as incontinence, incomplete emptying, bowel conditions such as fecal incontinence, constipation, prolapse management, and pelvic pain.

A lot of education is also provided for the patient, they have to be a very active participant in their care. I tell them if they think coming to PT 1-2x/week is going to solve their problems, it’s not, they have to commit and do what is advised every day.

Do you treat pregnant women and how far along will you treat them?

Yes, I will treat up to the day they deliver. Their treatment program will change/adjust throughout as their pregnancy progresses. Their symptoms may not fully resolve while they are pregnant so I make them aware of this and they must be active in their symptom management.Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Exercises

Do you treat men? Kids?

Yes, men can be treated and an internal assessment may be warranted depending on the diagnosis and patient presentation.

I will only evaluate/treat a child/teen if they have had a pelvic exam completed by an MD or if they are sexually active.

Brittany Deuso, PT, DPT practices out of our Great Bridge clinic in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Tidewater offers Pelvic Floor Therapists in Colonial Heights and Westchester Commons clinics in Richmond.