Accidentally Running Seven Miles

MapMyRunI admit it. I run with a MapMyRun app on my iPhone. I crave the information and statistics. I like knowing how fast I’m going, how far I’ve gone and how many miles are left. I even love the computer voice that tells me each time I’ve crossed a mile marker and my split time.

So a couple weeks ago, when that computer voice came on as I rounded the corner on what was set up as a five mile run, and told me that we’d just passed the four mile mark, I was a bit surprised.

The running group I was with was about three miles away from where we’d parked our cars.

Math may not be my strongest subject, but by my calculations that meant we would end our morning run having gone seven miles.

I may have had to slow down and power walk twice on the way back to the cars that morning. I hadn’t planned to do that distance and had pushed hard on three challenging hill intervals and was running out of steam.

But as long as those three miles felt getting back to the car, once we arrived, all I could do was smile, and joke that it was likely the only time in my life I could honestly say I accidentally ran seven miles.

As I look back on that run, and look ahead to the longer distance runs staring me in the face as preparation for the Virginia Running Festival Half Marathon at Christopher Newport University on Nov. 10, I know I can do it. That’s not to say the 10 miler coming up will be any less easy, but in my mind I know I can do it. If you can run seven miles when you aren’t planning to, what’s another three? Right?

Lesson learned? You can say all day long that you can do anything you put your mind to. But a sign that you can do it or a little evidence doesn’t hurt. Accidentally running seven miles certainly makes the long runs in the training plan look a little less daunting.

Stephanie Heinatz is a mother, wife, small business owner and running enthusiast who’s working to get back on her running game. Follow her training saga here as she gets ready for the Virginia Running Festival’s Half-Marathon at Christopher Newport University on Nov. 10, 2013.  Stephanie is the founder of Consociate Media, a local Marketing firm located in Gloucester, Virginia