LPTA Profile: Staci Fredrick, LPTA

Staci Fredrick, LPTA

Staci Fredrick, LPTA spent 11 days in a coma in 2005. She suffered a blood clot in her brain, which left her hospitalized and in need of extensive occupational, physical and speech therapy. After 15 years in the restaurant business and a brush with death, Staci realized she wanted to go back to school and help other people in the same way she had been helped. She graduated from Tidewater Community College in 2010. She joined Tidewater the same year.

“As a formerly obese person, PT allows me to observe how nutrition, exercise and better life choices can improve overall health,” Staci says, describing how she relates to patients. “I try to let patients know about my experience and show them how my life changed for the better with hard work and the right treatments.”

Staci says many people take typical everyday tasks for granted, like getting out of bed or holding their child, until an illness or injury makes these tasks painful, exhausting or impossible. She recalls a stroke patient with a foot drop, who she treated for approximately six weeks. At the end of his therapy, his gait was significantly improved, making mobility much easier for him.

In her spare time, Staci works out, reads and helps with her daughter’s soccer team. She looks forward to sharing her positive attitude with patients, especially those who are a bit of a challenge.

“It feels great as a therapist to improve someone’s quality of life, especially if they start out with a negative attitude.”