Kevin Dintino and Rock Climbing at Peak Experiences

Welcome back RVA Strong fans!! With the weather turning colder, this month’s adventure takes us to new heights as I have been challenged to take a lesson in Rock Climbing – a true challenge for me as I am afraid of heights. Kevin Tobin, owner of Peak Experiences, agreed to teach me the ropes both literally and figuratively!

Climbing entails some specialized equipment including climbing shoes which are rubber soled and fit like a second skin. Although these are not comfortable for walking they increase your grip and awareness of your foot positioning while climbing. One wears a pelvic safety harness that creates a figure “8” around your waist, hips, and thighs thus supporting you and linking you via the rope to the climbing rock.

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physical therapist

Kevin Dintino, PT, DPT is the Regional Director for Tidewater Physical Therapy’s greater Richmond area, which also includes Colonial Heights. He is a 1989 graduate of the University of Toledo in Ohio and has called the Richmond area home since the early 1990’s.

Kevin has a special interest in treating sports injuries – usually you can find him practicing out of the Brandermill location.

He has helped patients at all levels from the ‘weekend warrior’ to professional athletes.  His own personal experience as a competitive athlete has given him a unique perspective and understanding of the demands required to return to sport and daily activities.

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