What is physical therapy?

It’s the month of our 25th anniversary.

It’s National Physical Therapy Month.

And, quite honestly, we’re feeling a little nostalgic around here. So…while weeding through our archives, we came across this little gem and had to share.

It’s a great quote from the publisher of an October 1999 edition of a physical therapy magazine.

“Physical therapists are good people to know. They’re educated in understanding the interaction of all your body parts. Their hands-on approach begins with examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the immediate problem. Then they teach you how to take care of yourself by showing you how to do exercises and how to use your body properly to gain strength and mobility and prevent recurring injury. You’ll find them advising on proper posture and body motion in the work place, treating injuries, consulting on fitness, and administering physical therapy in the home. Today, physical therapists provide help for every part of the body to everyone from infants to the elderly!”

Now that is what we call a noble mission!