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South Hampton Roads and Tidewater

Physical Therapy Centers in Virginia  Beach

Physical Therapy Centers in Norfolk

Physical Therapy Centers in Chesapeake

Peninsula Region

  • Denbigh – Physical Therapy clinic close to the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport. Directed by Ashley Forrest.
  • Executive Drive – This Hampton, VA location can analyze your gait, assist with balance and fall prevention among many other areas of service. Directed by Wayne MacMasters and John Scalici.
  • Hidenwood – Newport News location on Warwick Boulevard near Christopher Newport University. Directed by Ken Morris.
  • Magruder – Our Magruder Clinic is in Hampton and features dry needling, arthritis and osteoporosis and fall prevention services. Directed by Ken Morris.
  • Oyster Point and Performance Center – This Newport News VA location is directed by Vice President, Steven Howell.

Gloucester and West Point Region

Richmond Region

West End Region:

  • Westhampton – The Westhampton Clinic in Richmond is under the direction of Bruce Brewer and offers many comprehensive outpatient physical therapy services. Get directions.
  • John Rolfe – This Richmond clinic offers a plethora of services including Ergonomics Training, Wound Care, Back and Neck Treatment and Women’s Health Programs. Directed by Andrea Katz. Get directions.
  • Glen Allen – Our Glen Allen VA clinic is near Gaskins Road and specializes in Dry Needling and Custom Orthotics. Come explore our Running Performance Analysis program! Directed by Jason Bridges. Get directions.

Southside Region:

  • Brandermill – This Midlothian Clinic offers a myriad of services and specializations and is convenient to Route 360. Directed by Cory Wirt.
  • Iron Bridge – Directed by Diana Brooks, this Chester, VA physical therapy clinic specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation. Get directions.

North and East Region:

  • Kings Charter – The King’s Charter Clinic is located in Ashland, Virginia off Exit 86 from I-95. Directed by Carrie Chamberlain. Get directions.
  • LaburnumFegan Hewitt directs this Richmond Clinic and specializes in athletic injuries and prevention including bike fitting services and injury rehabilitation. Get directions.
  • Mechanicsville – This physical therapy clinic is located in Midlothian, just outside Richmond VA, in the Bell Creek Medical Park. Specializations include dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation and balance and fall prevention. Directed by Matt Mailloux. Get directions.

Midlothian Turnpike West Region:

  • Colonial Heights – Colonial Heights VA is home to this physical therapy clinic and serves patients close to Southpark Mall. Directed by April Lovering-Page.
  • Midlothian – Richmond Virginia Physical Therapy Clinic, directed by Matt Schultheis, offers a myriad of services including orthotic fittings, work hardening and conditioning and postural assessments. Get directions.
  • Powhatan – Powhatan VA is the home of this center and offers athletic sports assessments, dry needling and graston technique. Directed by Jessica Myers. Get directions.
  • Westchester Commons – Our newest Richmond Physical Therapy Clinic is located in Midlothian, across from the Sedona Tap House. Directed by Amanda Alling. Get directions.

Western Tidewater

  • Franklin – If you live in or close to Franklin, VA, this physical therapy clinic is convenient to you! Directed by Kevin Schrack. Get directions.
  • Suffolk – Our Suffolk, Virginia Physical  Therapy Center, directed by Tory Bishop, is located on Meade Parkway near the Lakeview Medical Center. Get directions.
  • Smithfield – Historic Smithfield is the home of this physical therapy center specializing in tmd treatment and pediatric orthopedic therapy. Directed by Julie Hull. Get directions.

Williamsburg Region


Aquatic Therapy – When movement is difficult or painful, aquatic therapy is the answer.

Arthritis & Ostheoporosis – Stay strong through diet, exercise and weight-bearing exercises.

Balance & Fall Prevention – Let us help keep you on your feet! Improve strength, flexibility and balance with our Balance and Fall Prevention therapy.

Dry Needling – Inserting a needle into trigger points in an effort to break the pain cycle.

Fibromyalgia – Treatment of acute symptoms of fibromyalgia and teaching patient to best manage their own symptoms.

Cancer Rehabilitation – Helping with cancer recovery by working to regain the patient’s strength and other functions.

Hand Therapy – Tidewater Physical Therapy employs Certified Hand Therapist who can treat a multitude of upper extremity issues.

Lymphedema – A build up of fluid in the tissues is naturally relieved by our Certified Lymphatic Therapists.

Manual Physical Therapy – Hands on treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Occupational Services Division – Our mission is to prevent injuries from happening on the job.

Foot Pain – The foot is subject to a myriad of problems that can then link to low back issues, and foot and ankle dysfunction. PT can help!

Pediatric Services – Assisting our youngest patients with orthopedic or neurological impairment.

Headaches – Sometimes the pain in your head is caused by joints, muscles, neck or backs and posture. This is where PT can help!

Strains and Sprains – Rehabilitation for a strained or sprained ankle can help improve the injured area back to maximum function.

Pre-Surgical Strengthening – Heal faster and have fewer complications by going into surgery at optimal health. PT can help you accomplish this!

Osteoporosis – If you have osteoporosis, consider physical therapy to help strengthen muscles, bones, improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

Low Back Pain – Now offering treatment options for lower back pain including spinal manipulation, heat or ice treatments, training and exercises.

TMJ Disorder – Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), or orofacial pain is effectively treated with physical therapy approaches to manage pain.

Women’s Health Services – Treating the unique needs of our women patients with specialized treatment programs designed just for females.

Strokes – Recover from a stroke with the help of a physical therapy related treatment plan.

Occupational Services Division

VA Work Injury Rehabilitation – Providing injured workers with job specific strengthening to restore function to return to their jobs.

Post-Offer, Pre-Employment Screening – Pre-employment screening to determine that the employee can perform specific job functions.

Work Performance – Work conditioning program based on a sports training model to help the client achieve a productive and fulfilling work and personal life.

VA Work Conditioning / Hardening Program – Phase II of our acute rehabilitation and therapeutic strengthening program.

Functional Capacity Evaluations – The FCE is a tool to identify an injured worker’s ability to perform a variety of tasks.

Employer Resources – Employer options to manage costs associated with work related injuries.


Programs – Our physical therapists work on a myriad of ailments.

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Case Manager / Rehabilitation Professionals – We want you to return to work and be productive, so our Case Managers provide timely communication in an effort to return workers to the workplace.

Insurance Carriers – We participate with most major health insurance plans. Find the participating plans here.

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