PT Profile: Stephanie Clark, PT, DPT
Stephanie Clark always knew a career in physical therapy could never be boring. As a dancer throughout her childhood, Stephanie had become fascinated with how the body moves. She also watched with appreciation as injured dancers returned to dancing after physical therapy. After high school, she attended Nazareth College in Rochester, New York, and graduated with a degree in health sciences in 2009. Stephanie then went on to PT school at Nazareth, graduated in 2011 and began working at Southside Physical Therapy the same year.
“I enjoy working with people with balance deficits who are at risk for falls, such as elderly patients, those who have had strokes or anyone with gait challenges,” Stephanie says. “Of course I also love working with dancers with injuries as well since I used to dance.”
Stephanie adds that although she has not yet determined a specialization, she is particularly interested in working with patients who experience gait or mobility issues due to vertigo. One of her most memorable patients had undergone several brain surgeries and was experiencing dizziness as a result of BPPV (a common type of vertigo). She and Stephanie worked closely to eliminate her dizziness using the Epley’s Maneuver. Stephanie developed a great relationship with her patient, and admired her willingness to face new challenges.
When she’s not in the clinic, Stephanie travels, goes to hockey games or concerts and plays with her dog Charlie. Of her treatment philosophy, she says, “Always listen, be patient and kind so you can get the big picture, instead of just focusing on the diagnosis.”