Physical Therapy for Healthy Athletes

PT for healthy athletes

Injury Prevention in Athletes

Whether you run, swim, play team sports or spend your winters on the slopes, you know that having a passion for athletics comes with inevitable aches and pains. But chronic pain from overuse or repeated injury is not something athletes, amateur or professional, young or old, should get used to.

But, unfortunately, far too many athletes find themselves sidelined because of a pain, strain or tear. Some of the most common injuries include an ankle sprain, groin pull, hamstring strain, knee injuries and tennis elbow.

Most athletes think it’s simple enough to avoid injury – just stay in shape. However, that often isn’t enough to ensure joints, ligaments, muscles and bones are protected from all that activity on the field, slopes or in the pool. Targeted assessments and exercise with a physical therapist can help refine movement, improve form and function, increase muscle strength and joint mobility, and offer assistance for any other technique issues that could make an athlete vulnerable.

Treatment options may include:

  • Evaluations of an athlete’s flexibility, strength and muscle endurance.
  • A bio-mechanical assessment to check form and posture.
  • A movement assessment to make sure an athlete is using proper technique.

Follow the plan:

A physical therapist will develop an individualized plan, customized to address any weaknesses that could hinder performance or cause injury. Whether it’s limited flexibility at the hips, weakness in the knees or poor running form, there are therapies that can help.

A prescribed training plan typically includes exercises to strengthen the muscles used in the athlete’s preferred sport, stretching exercises to improve flexibility and movements targeted to maximize technique.

Athletes don’t have to power through the pain. With targeted therapies, many injuries can be avoided in the first place. And that means staying in the game longer.

Find a physical therapy clinic near year you and make an appointment today so you can maximize your performance and safety in whatever field of play you choose.

Many of the physical therapists at Tidewater Physical Therapy Inc. hold Direct Access Certification through the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy, allowing them to evaluate and treat patients without a prescription from a physician.