Pre-Surgical Strengthening

Pre-Surgical Strengthening

It’s common knowledge that many kinds of surgery will require physical therapy afterward to get the body back in shape.

But how can physical therapy before surgery help with recovery?

Research shows that a pre-surgical exercise program can be hugely beneficial, helping with not only the outcome of the surgery but also helping to reduce recovery times.

Patients who are in better condition going into surgery often heal faster and have fewer complications.

A physical therapist can work with a pre-surgical patient and create a program that will give the strength and flexibility needed to reduce time spent in the hospital after surgery, and to get a patient back on their feet quicker. The physical therapist will provide mobility techniques to help strengthening muscles that will support a new joint, such as a knee or hip.

While exercise might not be recommended in all instances prior to surgery, a consultation with a physical therapist can evaluate physical limits and determine what can be done. They can also teach exercises to do at home to prepare so that a patient can be strengthening muscle and improving flexibility and range of motion starting weeks before surgery. These are all exercises that will not irritate the preexisting condition as well.

Woman at physiotherapist office exercising with band

In some cases, pre-surgical strengthening might even help some patients avoid surgery itself!

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Many of the physical therapists at Tidewater Physical Therapy Inc. hold Direct Access Certification through the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy allowing them to evaluate and treat patients without a prescription. As part of your healthcare team, a physical therapist will make an assessment of your condition and create a plan to start you on the road to wellness. Our team will communicate with your physician of record and obtain a referral, if necessary, for your continued treatment. We will also work with your insurance carrier to make sure services are covered by your plan.

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