Tidewater Physical Therapist Working With Patient

Physical Therapy Programs

Physical Therapy improves mobility and motion, reduces pain without medication, and, in many cases, helps patients avoid surgery. Physical therapists are experts in how the body moves and will collaborate with you and your physician to help achieve your long-term health goals and quality of life.

Your Physical Therapist Can Help You With:

Back Pain
Low Back Pain
Cancer Rehabilitation
– Knee Pain
– Overuse Injuries
– Shoulder Pain
Sprains, strains, broken bones and fractures
– And much more

At Tidewater Physical Therapy, we believe in staying on the cutting edge of new physical therapy trends and techniques. Many of our physical therapists continue their education in specialized programs, achieving certification through the American Physical Therapy Association and other internationally recognized health care commissions. Feel confident that the care you receive at Tidewater is the best available. Anywhere.


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