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Referral Coordinator Resources


Each Tidewater Physical Therapy location offers early morning and late evening appointments to ensure that your patients have easy access to the services that they need, when they need it.

Easy Access means that your patients can count on each Tidewater Physical Therapy location to participate with all major health insurance providers (exception: Optima Health HMO / POS in Hampton Roads); offer same day services when requested by your physician; and specialized therapy services.

You can schedule an appointment for your patient in one of three ways:

1.  FAX your physician’s prescription with patient contact information to the office most convenient for your patient.  We will contact your patient by the end of the business day and to schedule their first visit.

When scheduling your patient by FAX, please provide the following information on your FAX cover sheet:

•    Patient Name
•    Insurance Plan
•    Patient Daytime Phone#
•    SSN or DOB
•    Authorization # (if required) and any additional instructions

2. Traditional hard copy referral pads are still available. If you like a supply, please contact:

To help you save valuable time, you can save a copy of any of the referral pads listed on the “Referral Forms” page to your desktop. These are interactive PDF files that can be filled out electronically, saved to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems for your records, or printed to be handed to your patients.