Optimize Your Training For Outdoor Adventures

For adrenaline lovers and adventure seekers who like to take the path less traveled, pushing their bodies in the name of experiencing the great outdoors is just part of living.

To help you prepare for your spring adventures, Tidewater Physical Therapy’s Andrea Katz is hosting “Optimizing your training for outdoor adventures: Hiking and Backpacking.” The one-day seminar will be held on April 5 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at REI located at 2020 Old Brick Road in Glen Allen.

Three tourists walking on the road at wood.

In her role as a physical therapist, Katz, PT, DPT, cMDT, cCI, will discuss exercises hikers and backpackers can use to help prevent injuries and get in shape for whatever terrain they choose to traverse.

“Backpacking and hiking are just as athletically demanding as many other track and field sports,” Katz said. “It’s important to know how to train your body, so you can get the most out of the experience.”

Katz, who is the clinical director of Tidewater Physical Therapy’s John Rolfe Clinic in Richmond, is herself an outdoor enthusiast who serves as a National Sierra Club Outdoor Leader. She is passionate about backpacking and other recreational athletics. As a former professional racquetball player and judo champion, Katz knows what it takes to develop and maintain endurance and stamina safely and effectively.

Katz’s talk at REI will include a discussion regarding cumulative trauma and the “power posture.” She’ll also offer instruction and demonstration of specific exercises geared toward training for hiking and backpacking.

To learn more about the seminar at REI or to register for the seminar go to http://www.rei.com/events/optimize-your-training-for-outdoor-adventures/glen-allen/138069. For more information about Tidewater Physical Therapy visit http://www.tpti.com/