Myth or Fact? Information Surrounding Endurance Athletes

Paul Reed, PT, DPT, will present “Myth or Fact? Information Surrounding Endurance Athletes” at the Richmond Endurance Athlete Symposium & Expo on January 23, 2016.

Reed, Clinical Director at the Tidewater Physical Therapy First Colonial location in Virginia Beach wants endurance athletes and coaches to be aware of how much conflicting information there is regarding products and training programs for endurance athletes.

Reed has run several marathons, a 50K ultra-marathon, and bicycled several centuries. He said that his interest in sorting through research surrounding endurance athletes reflects the same commitment he has to patient treatment as a physical therapist.

Reed strives to stay current and updated about approaches that are based on sound science. He wanted to share that same passion in updating attendees about specific topics related to endurance sports training to help sort out facts from myths.

Information was summarized and selected based on the quality of the research that supported the findings. Reed investigated each of the topics for his talk by trying to maintain a neutral bias. He points out that the general public has access to the most recent facts on old and new topics but it takes time to sort through what is published.

“Athletes should research consumer products prior to buying them and coaches should investigate empirical evidence prior to offering counseling to athletes,” says Reed. His message is for people to investigate a product or training philosophy before fully committing and before advising others.

Much of the current research is focused on the negative effects of overtraining. Reed admits that as a competitive athlete, he has fallen into some of the “myth traps.” Based on what he learned in the past year, Reed has made some changes to his own diet, amount of mileage, and his recovery philosophy.

Patients can make an appointment to see Reed without a prescription or referral. Visits are typically covered by insurance.