John Rolfe

physical therapy clinic near Richmond, Va.
  • 2040 John Rolfe Parkway
  • Richmond, Virginia 23238

  • Phone: 804.754.0916
  • Fax:804.754.0919

  • Monday & Wednesday 7am - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday 7am - 7pm
  • Friday: 7am - 5:30pm


Proudly offering personal and sports performance training at our Performance Centers in Newport News, Suffolk and Gloucester.


  • NEW - 10 Minute Complimentary Injury Screening

  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services
  • Temporomandibular Disorders Treatment
  • Work Conditioning
  • McKenzie Therapy Certified
  • Hand Therapy
  • Direct Access


If you have a strain, sprain, ache, or pain, Tidewater Physical Therapy’s 12 Richmond area clinics are offering complimentary 10-minute injury screenings. Tidewater Physical Therapy staff will offer some direction on how patients should proceed with any injuries they may have sustained. Advice offered by the Tidewater Physical Therapy therapists could include further treatment at a physical therapy clinic, or scheduling an appointment with a physician or orthopedic surgeon.

Tidewater Physical Therapy’s John Rolfe Clinic is located at the west end of Richmond, VA, near Short Pump and the Tuckahoe area, on the corner of John Rolfe Parkway and Ridgefield Parkway. Our highly-trained and experienced staff will always greet you with a smile, while offering the most advanced Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services in the business.

In addition, our John Rolfe Clinic also offers treatment for Temporomandibular Disorders, as well as Hand Therapy, and Work Conditioning. This clinic is also McKenzie Therapy Certified, so you can expect expert assessment and treatment of back and neck issues, along with the necessary knowledge to treat yourself and increase your independence.

A Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a whirlpool for wound care, Ergonomics Training, and Women’s Services are also offered at this location. We offer specialized treatment programs for women based on their unique needs, such as Osteoporosis, pregnancy, and post-mastectomy services.

The physical therapists at Tidewater Physical Therapy Inc. hold Direct Access Certification through the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy allowing them to evaluate and treat patients without a prescription. As part of your healthcare team, a physical therapist will make an assessment of your condition and create a plan to start you on the road to wellness. Our team will communicate with your physician of record and obtain a referral, if necessary, for your continued treatment. We will also work with your insurance carrier to make sure services are covered by your plan.

To make an appointment today and let one of our friendly therapists get you on the road to recovery, call 804.754.0916.

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