Some people train for sport. Some for fun. We all train for life.

Physical Therapists are experts in how the body moves. No matter what you’re training for, we want to keep you moving. That means training for performance and injury prevention. It means understanding how your body moves today so it can be more efficient tomorrow. To get you there, for those of you who run, golf or bike, Tidewater Physical Therapy is pleased to offer specialized FIT programs to ensure you’re ready to hit the road, course and trails.


Woman running in conventional running shoes vs barefoot running shoes.Want to strive to reach your own personal best? Tidewater Physical Therapy believes to reach your goals you need to understand how you are moving and if there are ways to help improve your stride to decrease your chance of injury and increase efficiency. Tidewater’s Run FIT program starts with a consultation and builds from there. At the Tidewater Performance Center in Newport News, the Run FIT program can also include a customized fitness program with one of our personal and sports performance trainers.

The Tidewater Physical Therapy Run FIT program includes:

-Consultation with a Physical Therapist

-Full Functional Movement Screen

-Running analysis using Dartfish Video Software

-Foot evaluation

-Custom exercise plan (personal and sports performance training available at Tidewater Performance Centers)



To schedule a Run FIT analysis, please call:

Tidewater Performance Center – Oyster Point

751 J Clyde Morris Blvd.

Newport News, VA 23601


Golf FIT

Golf BallTidewater Physical Therapy’s Golf FIT program starts with a consultation and swing analysis with one of Tidewater’s Titleist Certified Physical Therapists / Golf Instructors and continues with a customized fitness program.

What sets Tidewater’s Golf FIT program apart? Our belief that a customized golf conditioning program that promotes injury prevention will also improves movement mechanics, core strength, flexibility, rotary power, balance, and overall golf performance.

The Tidewater Physical Therapy Golf FIT program includes:

-14 point Titleist Performance Institute Screen by Certified TPI Instructor

-Video analysis using Dartfish

-Customized exercise program & analysis (personal and sports performance training available at Tidewater Performance Centers).



To schedule a Golf FIT analysis, please call:

Williamsburg Physical Therapy

41125 Ironbound Road

Williamsburg, Va 23188



Tidewater Physical Therapy – Oyster Point

751 J Clyde Morris Blvd.

Newport News, VA 23601



Tidewater Physical Therapy – Brandermill

6049 Harbour Park Drive

Midlothian, Va 23112


Bike FIT

Triathlon TransitionDo you need more power or speed? Regardless of your cycling goals and fitness level, you’ll benefit from our Professional Bike FIT Program.

The Tidewater Physical Therapy Bike FIT program includes:

-Strength and flexibility screening and review of riding an injury history

-Dynamic and static analysis of your spin and position

-Position adjustments that account for muscle and flexibility imbalance

All program features are customized to FIT your bike and style of riding from road to mountain, triathlons to time trials, cyclocross to track.


To schedule a Bike FIT, please call:

Tidewater Physical Therapy – Laburnum

4831 South Laburnum

Richmond, Va 23231



Tidewater Physical Therapy is proud to offer more than 30 clinics and three Performance Centers in Southeast and Central Virginia. Visit our locations page to find a clinic near you, or call our corporate office at 757.873.2302 and we’ll point you in the right direction.