Culture and Values

Dedicated to Clinical Excellence

Our founding principle in 1986 continues today. Throughout our history, Dedicated to Clinical Excellence shaped our values as professional health care providers. It’s our promise to our patients and has engendered trust and confidence in our referral sources for our clinical outcomes and care.

What does this say about the Physical Therapists at Tidewater Physical Therapy? Each are dedicated to earning and maintaining a reputation for the highest level of care and customer service. More importantly, each are dedicated to this founding principle of Dedicated to Clinical Excellence with passion, not simply to meet our patient and physician expectations, but to exceed those expectations with each and every encounter at every level throughout the organization; one patient, one physician at a time.

At Tidewater Physical Therapy, we’re getting better to help you get better. We believe in staying on the cutting edge of new physical therapy trends and techniques. That’s why our therapists participate in ongoing clinical education. Many specialize in treating specific conditions or areas of the body. So you can feel confident that the care you receive is the best available anywhere.

Go ahead, dream big. We do.

Mission Statement

Tidewater Physical Therapy is committed to providing high quality, cost effective physical therapy to our patients, referring physicians, and healthcare payors throughout the community.

Core Values

Tidewater ‘CARES’ Program

Tidewater CARES is a values promotion, performance recognition, employee appreciation, and service improvement program for Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc. The goal of Tidewater CARES is to improve customer satisfaction through an on-going focus on the organization’s key values. Every employee can demonstrate these values regardless of education level, position, medical licensure, or organizational level.