West End Richmond

At Tidewater Physical Therapy’s West End Richmond Clinics, we specialize in Comprehensive Physical Therapy to improve patient’s strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Our Glen Allen Clinic offers specialty services including Custom Orthotics, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) Running Performance Analysis, and Work Conditioning. To schedule an appointment with the experienced and friendly staff at our Glen Allen Clinic, call 804.217.9210.

At our Westhampton clinic, specialized services include Work Conditioning, Dry Needling, and Custom Orthotics. For an appointment at our Westhampton Clinic, call 804.288.1380.

Tidewater’s John Rolfe Clinic in West End Richmond offers Temporomandibular Disorders Treatment, Women’s Health Services, Hand Therapy, and boasts two McKenzie Therapy Certified clinicians, in addition to offering Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services. This clinic also offer Ergonomics Training, a whirlpool for wound care, and Certified Strength & Conditioning specialists. Call 804.754.0916 to schedule an appointment at our John Rolfe Clinic.

Our newest clinic in the West End of Richmond is in Scott’s Addition.  This clinic offers Functional Capacity Evaluations, McKenzie Therapy, Dry Needling, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Work Conditioning.  To make an appointment, please call 804.342.5857.

Tidewater Physical Therapy Clinics in Richmond. VA offer personalized care, a friendly staff, and the determination to help you achieve the highest level of independence as possible. Call us today and let us find the right program to get you feeling better!