Richmond Region

Tidewater may be in the name, but Tidewater Physical Therapy’s presence in Central Virginia, throughout the greater Richmond area, is strong.

Patients turn to Tidewater Physical Therapy clinics in Richmond for, among other treatments, comprehensive physical therapy, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction therapy, women’s health (pelvic floor pain and incontinence), orthotics, vestibular rehabilitation, balance and fall prevention, work conditioning, Functional Capacity Evaluations, lower extremity biomechanical analyses, hand therapy and Performance Services.

Athletes also turn to Tidewater Physical Therapy’s clinicians in the Richmond region for sports medicine support.

Tidewater Physical Therapy’s name has become synonymous with elite athletes as hosts of the annual Richmond Endurance Athlete Symposium and Expo in the winter, which draws hundreds of endurance athletes from across the country to hear internationally acclaimed athletes, including Olympians, and recognized sports medicine experts speak.

We offer several Physical Therapy Centers in Richmond. Clinic locations are listed below.