Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist: Sean Henry

Sean Henry, B.S. graduated from The College of William and Mary in 2013. He earned a degree in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Health Sciences. Sean joined Tidewater Physical Therapy in 2012 and since has greatly contributed to Tidewater’s development of a workplace ergonomics program.

Sean Henry

Sean Henry

He was first introduced to Tidewater Physical Therapy as a patient after he had an ACL reconstruction and was impressed with the treatment he received. He says that he witnessed dedication and quality patient care in all facets of his treatment. The experience sparked his fascination with the human body and its biomechanics leading him to pursue his degree. Sean says that he believes this is an incredibly rewarding profession and that it offers him the unique ability to help people during the healing process and move toward a path of overall wellness.

Sean’s specialties are working with Functional Capacity Evaluation and with workplace ergonomics. When working with patients, Sean enjoys treating patients that are relentlessly positive during their care despite pain, hardship and circumstance.

Outside of the clinic, he can be found backpacking, camping, sailing, playing soccer, skiing, or participating in activities that get him closer to the water or the mountains. Sean also enjoys playing music with his friends, especially on the guitar, the harmonica, and the banjo.  Over the years, he has remained active with the Boy Scouts of America and is currently mentoring young scouts.

Sean continues his work with the BSA by volunteering in the various reaches of community service the BSA remains continually committed to.

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