PTA Profile: Stephanie Rondeau, PTA , CLT
Stephanie Rondeau, PTA, CLT

Stephanie Rondeau, PTA, CLT

Stephanie Rondeau sees every patient experience as an adventure and a learning experience. She says every patient she’s treated has left a lasting impression.
Originally from New Hampshire, Stephanie received a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of New England in 2006. She pursued a career in physical therapy so she could make a difference in patient’s lives, influencing people in a positive way. Her specialties include Lymphedema treatment and manual techniques, and she is happy when she can help patients through phases of recovery.

Stephanie was a stay-at-home mom after attending SUNY Canton and earning an associate’s in applied science in 2013. She joined Tidewater in September 2014, and says she has learned the most from her geriatric patients.

“Advocate for your patient’s needs and always put their treatment before whatever kind of day you’ve had,” Stephanie says, describing her technique with patients. “Education is a major part of any rehab or therapy, and people must be aware of the treatment they are receiving. Be open and honest.”

After work, Stephanie explores Virginia with her family, visiting zoos, museums, parks and local attractions. She has volunteered with Special Olympics and is currently seeking opportunities to volunteer in the peninsula area.  “Trust in the Lord,” she says. “He will lead you where you need to go.”